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Paranormal Investigators of Rhode Island
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Earth from space

"What a small world."


This is a common statement used across the United States, especially when you're in Rhode Island.  But if the world is so small, why is it that so many people don't experience everything in it? There are a small percentage of people that see things other people don't, and this makes them think it was their eyes playing tricks or their imagination acting up; however, sometimes it's real.

Sometimes it is hard to believe, but there is more to the world than just what we see in the Material realm, there is also the Spiritual realm.  Occasionally, these realms collide and start a chain of causes and effects between the realms, in which the Spiritual causes strange things to occur in the Material realm.  It is easy to see why some don't believe in this, but despite their beliefs, it still happens.  In modern society, when this occurs it is known as a haunting, where people may experience the presence of a spiritual being.  If you:
 1. See things that cannot be true
 2. Have a constant feeling of another's presence
 3. Feel abnormal, sudden changes in temperature
 4. Hear noises when nobody is around
 5. Find items misplaced or hidden
then you may be experiencing a haunting.  With a complex assortment of devices and our extensive knowledge of such beings, we are able to detect and possibly remove their presence.
Think you have a ghost, let us judge!



Haunted? No, just spooky!

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