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Paranormal Investigators of Rhode Island


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Our Services

Our job consists of two main services: an investigation and a banishment. 

A typical investigation requires us to use all our equipment in each of the rooms that may house a spiritual being.  Some of the readings we will take deal with temperature, sound, and with other divices we will acquire a visual.  Spirits give off and have many unique characteristics that can easily be found if the right equipment is used.  If there is a spirit present, then we will detect it

If during our investigation we detect a spirit, then the person may want us to get rid of it.  This process is what we call a banishment.  Every circumstance is different, but we will use special items and our own personallity to make non-hostile spirits leave.  If the spirit turns hostile or is hostile, then we will use items that they are afraid of and special "weapons" that we have.  Most spirits are non-hostile and only need a persuasive talk to help them realize that they can move on.

There are no fees for our services. but donations are welcome.